Jean-Roch Lauper
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s (PhD Thesis - in progress)
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(PhD Thesis - in progress) / my current research

Supervisor (2010,Nov - Present): Prof. M. Nida-Rümelin.
Supervisor (2005 - 2010,Nov): Prof. G. Soldati.

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(MA Thesis) / temporarily on hold

Supervisor (2003-2005): Prof. G. Soldati.

Within the framework of my MA thesis, I did research on actions and intentional actions. I tried to answer the following questions:

  • What is an action?
  • What is an intentional action?
  • Do non-intentional actions exist and if yes, what are they?

My MA Thesis in pdf [3.8 Mo] (in Fench):
Actions, actions intentionnelles et actions non-intentionnelles.
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